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The purpose of the contract is to reduce the chances of misunderstandings and provide a process for resolving issues when misunderstandings do occur.  For this reason, in any business relationship, it is critical to spell out the expectations of all parties in writing. 

Many companies use the same form contract for all of their business dealings.  This makes it more likely that a critical term will be missed or that an unwise provision might be included.  Each contract should be tailored and customized to the specific goods or services contemplated.  For example, in some contracts it may make sense to include prevailing party fee recovery provisions, and in other contracts, this provision might not be in the client’s best interests. 

It is beneficial to have an experienced attorney negotiate and draft contracts for your business on a case by case basis.  The purpose of this vigilance is to protect the company from receiving a contract that does not taken into account all of the issues unique to a specific good or service.  When the subject matter is complex, the contract must also be complex.

Abrams Law Firm, P.A. has years of experience reviewing, negotiating and drafting contracts.  The firm’s founder, Ryan Abrams, Esq., previously served as counsel to various local government entities and, in that capacity, regularly worked with businesses to draft and negotiate contracts.  This experience makes the firm particularly qualified to assist with negotiating and drafting all types of contracts. 

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