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Code Enforcement

Commercial or residential landowners sometimes have to deal with their real property and/or building structures being in violation of local codes of ordinances.  In Florida, cities and counties have significant power to enforce their codes through the imposition of daily fines that can range up to $500 per day.  As the fines rack up on a given property, the city or county can, and often does, record a lien against the property in the public records, which becomes a cloud on title.  These fines can wrack up quickly.  Not infrequently, owners with properties in violation face total fines in excess of $100,000.  In these situations, it is best to act quickly and get the property in compliance as soon as possible.  Sometimes, the violation is not supported by law or evidence, and there are mechanisms to challenge the finding of violation, including appealing the decision to Circuit Court.  Having an attorney assist you early on in the process can save you time, frustration and money in the longer run.  An attorney who is experienced in code enforcement matters can negotiate an early resolution or, if necessary, lead a challenge to the code enforcement action in court.

Abrams Law Firm, P.A. is very experienced and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the code enforcement process in Florida.   We are happy to serve commercial and residential landowners in all steps of the code enforcement process, from the initial notice of violation throughout the appellate process, if necessary. Our experience includes participation in special magistrate administrative hearings, trials in circuit court, circuit court appeals, and appeals before the district courts of appeal.  In this area of law, experience is important due to the procedural nuances in play throughout the process.

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