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Construction Liens

Whenever a worker makes improvements to real property, Florida’s Construction Lien Law (F.S. 713.001-713.37) comes into play.  This law prescribes a complex set of procedures that must be followed by a contractor, subcontractors, materialmen and laborers.  A purpose of these procedures is to create an orderly process by which the contractor, subcontractors, materialmen and laborers are paid by the owner.  Under this law, the owner is responsible for making sure the contractors, subcontractors, materialmen and laborers are paid, even if it did not enter a contract directly with them, but only if the statutory procedures were followed in notifying the owner and placing a lien on the property.  When a lien is validly imposed, it is referred to as a perfected lien.  Many disputes can arise throughout this process if the statutory procedures are not closely followed.

For those who perform work on real property, it is beneficial to have an attorney involved before commencement who can ensure that a valid lien is perfected for the work performed.  That way, there is legal recourse in the event the owner does not pay. If a lien is not imposed as required by the statute, there is no legal recourse against the owner.

Ryan Abrams, Esq., the founder and president of Abrams Law Firm, P.A., has represented government entities in various dealings with construction contractors, and is very knowledgeable of the procedures required by Florida’s Construction Lien Law.  We are well-qualified to represent contractors, subcontractors, materialmen, laborers and others who are entitled to payment for work performed on real property.  We are also happy to defend property owners when they not responsible for a demanded payment.

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