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Boundary Disputes

Not so uncommonly, neighboring property owners do not know for certain the actual location of their boundary lines.  This may lead to a lawsuit seeking to “quiet title”, which can be very costly, especially when the disputed land is extremely valuable.

There are different reasons why a boundary line’s location may be in doubt.  The deed’s legal description may have been improperly drafted, which could mean going after a land surveyor for malpractice.  Alternatively, boundaries are often located by the placement of iron stakes in the ground.  Sometimes these stakes are lost or cannot be located, which leads to uncertainty on the boundary line’s true location.  In such scenarios, a land surveyor must use accepted methods of retracing the missing stake’s original location.  Another possibility is that the a property owner unwittingly acquiesced to a boundary other than the true boundary line.  Other possible complicating factors could be at issue.

If you and a neighboring land owner are disputing the true location of a shared boundary line, you should hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible.  An experienced boundary dispute attorney could save you money in the long run by negotiating an early resolution.  Abrams Law Firm, P.A. is experienced in litigating boundary disputes in court, and thoroughly understands this complex issue.  We gladly will serve commercial and residential land owners with all types of boundary disputes.

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